Roland XF 640 Print Only

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69 70 P-XF640
1,500.00 LBS
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Product Overview

SPEED.  Lots of it.  This machine just flies!  With a 64" max print width and speeds up to 1250sf/hr, runs on Roland EcoSol Max 2 inks.  The Roland XF 640 is a CMYKx2 print-only device which houses mirrored CMYK print heads to generate screaming fast output without banding or loss of quality.  The printer will lay down 7 different ink drop sizes eliminating the need for a six color configuration.   Other great features are that it will hold production size rolls of media - rolls which weigh up to 110 pounds - so you can load up and go!  Need some more specific information or want to get in front of one of these units?  Call us at (216) 662-7474 and we'll set it up.



(No reviews yet) Write a Review