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The Seal 65 Pro MD is the flagship laminator from Seal.  Still made in Madison, WI, this 'tank' of a laminator will finish prints for your shop for the next 10-20 years.  The 65 Pro MD has the best heating element in the industry allowing you to run thermal laminates at 15fpm where the next best machine in the market will be a lot closer to 4-5fpm.  The control panel is a swing-around panel so you can easily see all of the machine's controls from either side of the machine.  It will run pressure-sensitive applications from the back rollers if the front roller are hot.  Call us and we'll tell you all the reasons why this is simply the best laminator money can buy.  (216) 662-7474

  • Seal 65 Pro MD

    Seal 65 Pro MD

    Welcome to the big leagues of laminators. This is a machine replaces the Seal 5500's and 6000's which are around 15 years old.  Full featured, bi-directional, and fast. This is the single best laminator in the market. 2 sets of rollers - the...

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