[ 54 Base ]



The Seal 54 Base is a great machine for smaller to medium-sized production shops.  This laminator is very simple in design and extremely easy to operate.  Large rollers with the added heat-assist feature make for easy and smooth lamination and mounting.  The top roller can heat up to about 120 degrees which is the perfect heat assist to increase aggression in the typical pressure-sensitive adhesive.  Maximum width on this machine for laminating films is 55".  If you think that you may want to run 60" prints at some point, then you should consider the 62 Base which is the same design oly slighly wider.  Call us with questions.  (216) 662-7474

  • Seal 54 Base Laminator

    A good choice as a starter laminator for a sign shop who is not doing fleet graphics or images wider than 55".  Remember that if you buy a 55" laminator, you'll never be able to run 60" material!  If you aren't going to go wider than 55", then...

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