Fabric is a space where margins go up and image quality soars.  By moving your customers from scrim PVC to any of our fabrics, your margins will increase significantly.

Fabric printing with solvent & UV inkjet technology can be tricky.  A coated fabric unfortunately adds costs but provides the necessary aspect to keep blacks black and text sharp.  If you've tried printing solvent on fabric before and came up with unsatisfactory results, contact us and we'll help you select a top-coated fabric which will print perfectly.   If you've printed on fabrics with UV inkjet technology and found the residual ink odor to be too much, you should also consider a top-coated or an air-tight fabric so the ink gets a full cure. 

With latex inks, printing on fabric become significantly easier.  The thick top coatings used for solvent and UV inks are not necessary which opens a wide range of inexpensive fabrics to choose from.  Colors stay dense with latex, but are susceptible to scratching and rubbing off.  In general, people seem unenthusiastic about latex printed fabrics outdoors.  For typical indoor fabric printing, latex performs very well.

Those with dye-sublimation equipment have the easiest road to travel.  The fabric offerings are vast and inexpensive.  The biggest or only areas of concern would be with direct dye-sublimation printers where the slightest of coatings helps hold the ink before the sublimation process.  The vast majority of our fabric line have these coatings.

Hasco stocks market leading brands.  

We've sold a lot of fabrics and have the experience to help you succeed in this space.  Give us a call and see how we can help.  (216) 662-7474

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