[UV Printers]

Hasco Sells and Supports an number of UV, Flatbed and UV gel Printers.  

When you're ready to get serious about increasing your display graphics revenue, large format flatbed printers offer unsurpassed versatility. UV flatbed or UV gel printers offer an innovative platform, designed to increase productivity and revenue opportunities for commercial print shops of all sizes. Each digital printer is built using a true flatbed architecture with a vacuum system to hold the media stationary on a flat surface, assuring accurate registration even on multiple imaging passes. AllUV flatbed machines also offer a roll-to-roll media option. This means that with one printer, you can print on almost any rigid or flexible substrate. 

Flatbed printing or UV gel roll to roll systems can produce applications beyond the normal display graphics, including backlit displays, gallery wraps, dimensional prints, floor graphics, event signage, glasswork, architectural elements, fine art, or nearly anything that the imagination can conceive. The possibilities are endless with the UV and UV gel technology.

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