[ Laminating Films ]

Laminating films run deep in our company history!  Below are a range of pressure-sensitive films for a variety of applications.  Some brief descriptions of the choices below:

  • Hasco Cold Lams:  These domestic films are your basic 3mil, 3 year (outdoor) pressure-sensitive laminating films available in Matte, Luster, and Gloss.  
  • Cast Lams:  Use these domestically coated 2mil cast films for your most difficult vehicle wraps. 
  • Specialty Lams:  Select from our domestically mnade Floor Graphic films and two types of Dry Erase laminates 
  • Linerless Lams:  A very unique new technology for pressure-sensitive laminating films.  These films are "self-wound" and do not have a release liner making them easier to web on your laminator and saving you a ton of money.  Great for indoor or outdoor applications of 2 years on flat surfaces. 
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