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Q5-Series – Your Quality and Bottom Line Just Reached the Top

Award-winning quality and performance, at an unbeatable value, with the latest Ricoh printhead technology.

The Q5-Series of printers offers six different model options to meet any size need. The latest Ricoh Gen 5 printhead technology features 1280 nozzles per printhead that jet 7, 14, and 21 picoliters at a native 300dpi for outstanding, true grayscale, close-view print quality. In addition to quality, the Q5-Series printers offer fast printing speeds—up to a blazing 605 feet2/hr on the Q5-1000 utilizing the double-row printhead configuration.

  • Available in the following models:
    • o   5’x10’ fixed flatbed (Q5-1000)
    • o   4’x8’ fixed flatbed (Q5-500)
    • o   3.25’x5’ fixed flatbed (Q5-250)
    • o   126” hybrid for roll or rigid media (Q5-1000h)
    • o   98” hybrid for roll or rigid media (Q5-500h)
    • o   64” hybrid for roll or rigid media (Q5-250h)
    • Compared to similar printers in its market, the Q5-Series line features a considerably lower initial investment cost along with lower long-term operational costs. This adds up to a faster return on your investment.
    • Customized configuration with field-upgradeability
    • Optional static suppression kit
    • Capable of printing on substrates up to 4” thick on the flatbed, and 2” thick on the hybrid models
    • Powerful vacuum system requiring its own separate 220V circuit is more effective and robust than others in its market
  • Uses fast-drying, VOC-free UV inks
  • Ink sets available in CMYK with the option for Light Cyan, Light Magenta and White