[ Roll Lifter ]


The first question we came up with when we found this equipment was "where was this device 15 years ago?"  This roll lifter allows ONE person to go get roll, up to 16 feet wide, load it up, wheel it to your printer, raise it up to the infeed bar, and load it on to your printer.  It will eliminate the need for multiple people to perform this task and can really help on shorter-staffed 2nd and 3rd shifts.   It is well made and will save you time and trouble.  Call with any questions, but the device is as simple as the video below makes it look.  (216) 662-7474

  • Roll Lifter

    This device will move rolls up to 16 feet wide through your facility and help your team load big rolls on to your printer.  It will even turn sideways and go through just about any doorway.  Ships in two pieces and is easy to assemble. ...

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